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166221SW-Welcome back & Tomorrow's Theme/AOTD

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  • seagemstars
    6 Sep


      Please note the new mail link
      Carly Simon
      Group E-mail Address
      For files under 10 Mb
      for those with bulk mail rights 

      Please Remember To Get Your Two  Shares In
        Before  Sunday Midnight-Uk Time
       Click here: The Animal Rescue Site : Feed an Animal in Need
        A  great List is not one that has mega members on  it.....
        But a list who's  members share, participate, and reach out to  one another.
        You have requested  to be on this list and have  acknowledged that you will not TOS,any member of  StarWavs for sending you  mail..
        Of All Sends To  List!!
        Requests are Limited to 5 per day,NO EXCEPTIONS Or
        One Cd Per   week
      Do Not Forward  This  MailI

      f you know of someone that would   like to join or have
      ny questions, comments or  problems, use  this link
      AFF I need to talk  to youContact   The Staff

      ase I just forward  mail,  I send out  what is sent to me,
        If theres a problem with what  has been  sent,
        Please inform the Original Sender, Thank you

        You have requested   this email and have signed a disclaimer which is on  file
        If you want to  be  removed click on the link below
        Please  give us 24hrs to remove from  the list  completely
      Please  Remove Me
        If You have received mail but are  not a  member of starwavs please paste & copy all
        of the Email  and  send it back  to me, Thank You
      Please   Look Into This
        All files/material from starwavs are  for  evaluation purposes only.

      Please support the artist and the  music  industry  by purchasing the  material.

      I nor any of our members do not receive  any money or  compensation for what is shared


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