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How do we escape the Death Eaters?

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  • Hans Andréa
    ... Thanks for participating, Marianna! Jan van Rijckenborgh tells us the following personal story: ...In February 1941 I was seated opposite an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2007
      Marianna said:
      >However, because this cycle works unconditionally, it is lifted by the same rules that it fell:  Enter only One person who is at peace with the world (because they have found peace within their own self, born of Love), and you reap 7 more who are at peace with themselves and will spread Love (and the resulting peace) to the world.  Love unconditionally shared is what breaks the negative cycle. One heart can change the world...<

      Thanks for participating, Marianna!
      Jan van Rijckenborgh tells us the following personal story:
      "...In February 1941 I was seated opposite an ober-oberführer of the Gestapo. I had been arrested! [The author had written an article a warning against NAZISM - Hans]
      He had a handsome, regular face, light blue eyes. The photos of his wife and children stood on his desk. He was an absolutely normal person. There was nothing evil, nothing bestial about him. He looked at me and I looked back at him. We smiled at each other.
      For a moment we saw the tragic humour of the situation…and then, suddenly, it came. His eyes became fixed and the pupils widened. He was being overshadowed. His throat was being controlled. This can always be discerned by an unnecessary rising and falling of the voice and a total change in sound. His head was bent slightly forward as if he were being gripped in the neck. [Note: medulla oblongata - Hans] I understood. This man was being possessed. He himself was pushed into the background and what was talking to me was the spirit in the background: the roaring black beast.
      I pushed aside my resistance and the reason why I was there, and I was  filled with an intense compassion for this Mr ober-ober thingy. While a torrent of abuse and vituperation was being poured out over me, I prayed for this peculiar enemy and wrapped him in the light of the Rosycross. And his possession left him. He shook himself like a wet poodle. My strange enemy returned to normal and became himself again. I had seen and heard my enemy. I had resisted and defeated my enemy; I had driven him away. But my enemy was not the ober-führer. It was someone else. This German man was just a victim because of the special quality of German blood. He was hereditarily burdened, a sick man. Did you know that Hitler was possessed?..."
      Jan van Rijckenborgh states further on that he was never again contacted by the Gestapo.
      This same Jan van Rijckenborgh stated that every seeker, no matter how deeply fallen, how overcome with evil, has the bud of a Lily in his heart. THAT is the potential for absolute goodness, for absolute Love. If we dedicate our life to serving that God-within, a New Soul will be born, who will first of all defeat Voldemort and his Death Eaters within us. As the New Soul, personified by Harry Potter, grows in strength and beauty, it will also start overcoming the power of the Death Eaters outside of us. And our inner Harry will one day open his Mother's tomb: the Room of Love, the Sepulchre of Venus. When the doors of that room are open, there is no power on earth that can withstand the force that is released. This force, as you all know, is more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human intelligence, than the forces of nature. I am powerless even remotely to begin to describe the vastness of this force. Jan van Rijckenborgh has described its effect. Its capacity is beyond our wildest imaginings. This is because it is God Himself. It is one of the rays of the Divine Spirit.
      And so this is the purpose of life on earth: to devote oneself 100% to the opening of the Lily in the heart, so that Harry may be born. By surrendering to him, by sacrificing our biological life to him, by making his interests predominant, prevailing and priority No. 1, we will ensure that he grows in grace and in stature. He will overcome all the forces of evil within us, totally transmuting and purifying our whole being, turning it from lead into gold.
      This transmutation will mean that our biological consciousness is subsumed into the divine consciousness of the Child of God within us. One day the whole biological creature that we once were will be totally gone, except for an empty shell, an empty grim old place, that will be maintained temporarily as long as needed.
      In our place will be a refulgent Star, radiating nothing but Love, Light, Harmony etc,  according to the Perfect Plan of the Potter of the Universe.
      What will we achieve with the sacrifice of our biological self?
      1. We will enter the ecstatic rapture of eternal life, free of sin and suffering.
      2. We will no longer add our contribution of evil to the cosmic Voldemort and his Death Eaters, thus no longer worsening the horrendous suffering of thousands of millions of people.
      3. We will be able to enter the Order of the Phoenix, thus using the most powerful Force in the universe to work for the Liberation of humanity.
      I recommend it.

      “[You can’t reverse death is] a given, though in book seven you’ll see just how close you can get.” JK Rowling, 2000.

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