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  • Al
    Feb 14, 2007
      This is not a remake of the 50's classic monster movie, if only. This
      is really just turgid trash for the the 2000 something generation.

      The woman who is a teacher and her boyfriend (who is a complete wimp
      and tw**) live in a country mansion. They get targeted by them. Will
      they survive the night. By the end of the movie I did not care. This
      movie made The Return seems like a fast paced action thriller.

      Mostly shot in the dark, this subtitled french thriller lacked the
      thrills that made Switchblade romance such an awesome movie. Also it
      is so dull and when you find out what the naff predictable twist s you
      just think who cares. 0/10

      To the filmakers... please do not make another clever clever movie....
      I asking nicely...
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