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349Frightfest Glasgow

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  • Al
    Mar 1, 2007
      1.45 p.m. THE TRIPPER
      Excellent movie which was the highlight of the day... imagine a
      slasher movie where the slasher is Ronald Reagan. awesomely funny

      Directed by David Arquette.
      Starring David Arquette, Courtney Cox, Jamie King, Balthazar Getty,
      and Thomas Jane. USA, 2006, 100 min.

      4.00 p.m. S&Man (Sandman)

      The shockumentary was a dud of massive proportions and was soooo
      boring 0/10.

      6.30 p.m. THE MESSENGERS

      This was a weak predictable ghost story but it was well made. 6/10

      9.00 p.m. TURISTAS

      This is going to be renamed Paradise Lost I think they should call it
      return to the beach as it is a complete ripp of Alex Garland's book.
      It was okay to good not an essential watch but good in a bone headed
      way. 6/10

      11.30 p.m. MOTEL HELL

      Simply awesome old classic. 10/10

      A great day was had by all in Glasgow.... roll on Dead by dawn.
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