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42RE: Prince Charles Railroad themed movies

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  • Al
    May 29, 2005
      Wow that sounds excellent... do they have any
      movies where the train gets so delayed you miss all
      your connections. Or where the food is so bad it
      makes you want to chuck up?

      With tirgin vrains in mind I have a couple of
      suggestions, Terror train with Jamie lee Curtis. She gets
      pursued by a manic with a knife. Why is it that terror maniacs never
      persue andyone with a banana? Under Siege 2,
      where the train is used to control the death
      satellite. Also in under siege 2 is this bird in lovely tight
      denims. Also the classic 70s disaster movie Cassandra crossing. Will
      the plague get the inhabitants of the train? Well if it was a
      tirgin train probably coz they are so slow.
      In The latter two movies the trains are destroyed so
      maybe they would not be the best choices.
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