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  • wildzero_01
    May 31, 2005
      --- In therealhorrorclub@..., "Baron"
      <darklord1899@y...> wrote:
      > checkout this link http://www.sexgoremutants.f9.co.uk/frame1.html
      > this gives a nice review of what is a dire example of modern
      > cinema.
      > This is a truily dreadful movie, and should be considered one of
      > true greats.... why? This movie just fails on almost every front.
      > Picture the scene a guy is experimenting with the cure for HIV,
      > they have lied to him and he is actually making a vampire serum.
      > accidently injects himself and becomes a vampire. Then he has to
      > fight off his employers. The employers send out the bounty hunters
      > kill him off. They have trouble succeeding as he is very
      > and likes to do long monolgues. Decent enough if not well used
      > plot.
      > What is the movie like?
      > Really awful. The acting is awful, I am not sure where is
      > to be set but the accents are all over the place. The music is
      > good but the songs are dreadful. Also there are simply dire voice
      > overs. This is a cheapo movie. They have a gun battle and no one
      > gets shot. No car gets damaged in the film. Ooh be nice to
      > well I just do not think that they had no money. In the sGM
      > the autor thinks that the movie is very influenced by Blade and I
      > inclined to agree with him.
      > I did a bullet count on the guns and recon that he shot about 100
      > bullets out of a 15 bullet magazine. The worst thing about this
      > movie is that it could have been good. A bit more work on the
      > a few more sword fights and you have a worthy alternative to blade.
      > This movie is a dud avoid unless the mirror mirror tetrology is
      > idea of fun. 0/10.

      lol sounds bad big time so one to AVOID hehe.

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