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578Re: Day of the Triffids

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  • scrofulous_peasant
    3 Jan 13:17
      --- In therealhorrorclub@..., alistairc_2000@... wrote:
      > Sometimes someone comes up with an idea to remake something and you say yeah..... after survivors ... i thought do not rubbish Day of the triffids..
      > So far we have had the 1962 movie which was quite good....
      > we had the excellent 80s tv series
      > and now we have the pathetic remake that is so dire it makes the 62 movie seem like a masterpiece.
      > The plot is all over the place. There is a solar storm everyone is blind afterwards. Some people are not they take control. Eddie znorard can have any woman on the planet but decides to have josella playton
      > This was not in the book or any of the other tv series and to be frank as a plot idea it is totally redundant...
      > 1/10 so far
      > more on tomorrow but will i watch it...?

      I watched both parts and it didn't get any better. This was more like an attempt to remake of 28 Days Later. The other versions , I agree, were better. Really strange and a missed opportunity for the Beeb to do a definitive version instead of playing arround with the material like this.
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