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585Re: Shutter Island

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  • scrofulous_peasant
    Apr 3, 2010
      --- In therealhorrorclub@..., alistairc_2000@... wrote:
      > Its always an event when the director of Goodfellas makes a new movie. From the promo clips it seemed that he was going to make his first horror movie.
      > Plot
      > Someone has went missing on Shutter Island and Di Caprio has to find them.
      > Thoughts
      > This movie is beautifully shot and has an amazing soundtrack. That is what is good about this movie. The plot is ludicrous and boring. I guess the ending in the first five minutes and had to wait 2 hours to get to the end of it. I thought that this was a very weak piece of film making and that it was not horror at all merely being a crime movie trying to look like a horror movie.
      > 0/10
      LOL! Wasn't too sure but I'll probably give this a miss then.
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