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604John Carpenter's The Ward

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  • scrofulous_peasant
    23 Jan 12:43
      Yep, John Carpenter is back "after a 10 year break" (what about the Masters of Horror episodes then?) with this tale of ghostly revenge in the interesting setting of a girls' Psych. Ward in the late 1950's. The rather tasty Amber Heard stars as the wrongly (?) incarcerated new girl who has to cope with nasty meds, ECT, and trying to get on with her barmy fellow patients whilst trying to solve the mystery of a murderous ghost on The Ward.
      This film packs a few effective shocks, minimal gore, and a rather good twist ending, but coming from Carpenter it has to be considered a disappointment compared to some of his past classics. 6 / 10 (and that's possibly too generous)
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