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613Re: Frightfest Glasgow

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  • scrofulous_peasant
    Feb 27, 2012
      --- In therealhorrorclub@..., "darklord1899" <darklord1899@...> wrote:
      > I went to this one and it was quite good. The only problem with fright fest is that they are still showing no genre movies and claiming that they have some horror element to them.
      > Crawl is a great thriller in the tradition of No country for old men. It was a good movie but it was not a horror movie.
      > Tape 407 looked like it was shot on vhs, it was truly a feeble attempt at a shockumentary.
      > Good movies were War of the Dead, The raid and Cassaga.
      > Unlike Dead by Dawn you never know what you are going to get at a FF. Would I go to another one.... the jury is out on that one....

      Didn/t go this year but I will be at Dead By Dawn which looks like being a cracking line-up this year. Get excited!
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