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618Re: The Devil Inside

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  • Ally C the 1st
    Mar 21, 2012
      I was going to see 21 Jump Street then my pal said that I must see DI. I told him that I had heard that it was terrible but he wanted to see it anyway... so I watched it.
      where are my thoughts
      --- In therealhorrorclub@..., "scrofulous_peasant" <scrofulous@...> wrote:
      > Basically this movie mixes the POV horror with the exorcism genre. Its also poorly contrived, totally unscary, and is capped off with a really, really rubbish ending.
      > The Saturday night audience in Sheffield gave this one no mercy with several walkouts, sniggering at the cr*p dialogue and even a couple of (quite funny) shouted comments. It deserved no less.
      > Avoid at all costs.
      > 1 / 10
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