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  • Best movie Pacific Rim. Worst movie Robocop remake.
    darklord1899@... Jan 10, 2015
  • I went to this one and it was quite good. The only problem with fright fest is that they are still showing no genre movies and claiming that they have some horror element to them. Crawl is a great thriller in the tradition of No country for old men. It was a good movie but it was not a horror movie. Tape 407 looked like it was shot on vhs, it was truly a feeble attempt at a...
    darklord1899 Feb 26, 2012
  • My pal really wanted to see this movie and I thought how bad can it be? The reveiws in the Metro were too kind to this monumental duffer. A man leaves his wife alone in a house with a doll. The doll is evil. Blah blah. The plot in this movie daft and this movie is a stinker. Avoid 1/10.
    Baron Jul 12, 2007
  • --- In therealhorrorclub@^$1, "Philip Ashton" wrote: > > Suprisingly very good. 9 / 10 > I completey agree with the above and I think ou will find you are on topic. As the back drop to this movie is about creating terror in the populous. 9/10
    Baron Jul 12, 2007
  • checkout this link http://www.sexgoremutants.f9.co.uk/frame1.html this gives a nice review of what is a dire example of modern horror cinema. This is a truily dreadful movie, and should be considered one of the true greats.... why? This movie just fails on almost every front. Picture the scene a guy is experimenting with the cure for HIV, only they have lied to him and he is...
    Baron May 31, 2005