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4411breakdown of the US two-party system

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  • larrywillmore
    13 Sep
      The main political parties of the USA are in crisis suffer from internal disunion. FT columnist Edward Luce how and why the US no longer has a functioning two-party system.

      There was a time when the US had two functioning parties. That is no longer the case. I can now count four. Since Mr Trump has no fixed membership, the tally has risen temporarily to five. In last year’s primaries, the right populist and left populist candidates, Mr Trump and Mr Sanders, took more than half of the votes between them. If that were translated into seats, America’s traditional two parties would be in a minority. The picture would be closer to Emmanuel Macron’s France, where the Gaullists and Socialists are on the sidelines. ....

      No president has inherited better conditions to realign US politics. But Mr Trump has the attention span of a goldfish. Mrs Clinton, meanwhile, has the memory of an elephant. She has launched a funding vehicle called “Onward together”. It sounds suspiciously like the “Stronger together” slogan she ran on last year. To put it mildly, the outlook for togetherness is not fair.

      Edward Luce, "The empty shell of America’s two-party system", Financial Times, 14 September 2017 (gated paywall).