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cool places to visit

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13 May


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8 May

: Re: [tinycad] Hello, and a question

Thanks for that advice. I have copied one of my .dsn files and opened it with a text editor and I see what you mean. I think on reflection that it will
30 Mar

: Re: [tinycad] Hello, and a question

No not really. I understand relays and I have 1500 bought and waiting to do the job so I don't think a complete change of approach is justified at this time.
30 Mar

Re: Hello, and a question

Editing the schematic (.dsn) file works well if you are careful. It is an XML structured document, so its helpful to use an XML-aware editor like Notepad++, as
Alan Shea
30 Mar

Re: Hello, and a question

If you are extremely careful, you could edit the schematic file with a text editor. Duplicate the circuits.  Then edit the file as you wish, being careful in
29 Mar

Re: Hello, and a question

Robert,Have you considered using a PLC instead of relays? I just finished teaching a course with these which are very capable.Programs with free ladder logic
Nick Dobrinich
28 Mar

Mass renaming of text labels

Is there any way to rename labels in block? Let me explain. I have a number of identical circuits containing relay contacts which are numbered to relate to
28 Mar

: RE: [tinycad] Re:: Hello, and a question

Thanks for your reply. I didn't mean to trouble you with difficult questions, I am still finding out how this group works. Robert [Non-text portions of this
28 Mar

: RE: [tinycad] Re:: Hello, and a question

I'm unaware of any way to do what you suggest. Maybe a more experienced member of the group can offer a suggestion. Jim Kaiser [Non-text portions of this
27 Mar

Re: : Hello, and a question

Hi Jim Thanks for the prompt reply. I am suitably guided. I will have to decide whether attaching the label and having the red dot is better than a free
Robert Davies
27 Mar

: Hello, and a question

Robert, The little red box is the attachment point for the label, indicating which wire the label actually refers to. As far as I know there's no way to
27 Mar

Hello, and a question

Hello to all I have just discovered TinyCAD and I am going to use it to draw lots of circuit diagrams for my model railway. I intend to implement a
Robert Davies
26 Mar

Re: : Suggestion: Snap to Grid

Dear Don: Your "tinycad" application is very useful. Congratulations. Edgar Suárez Kummers 2017-01-25 20:34 GMT-05:00 Exeltech
edgar suarez kummers
26 Jan

Re: : Suggestion: Snap to Grid

Hello Don, Thank you for the update. Speaking for myself .. and hopefully others .. those of us who are the beneficiaries of your efforts appreciate the work
25 Jan
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