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: RE: [tinycad] TinyCAD 2.90 in Linux

Don't know. But my guess is it will probably work in the next stable version. Don - N9ZXS [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
5 Nov

Re: TinyCAD 2.90 in Linux

Interesting! Microsoft changed their runtime support with the Visual Studio 2015 release. That a new development version is working with the new Microsoft
Don Lucas
4 Nov

TinyCAD 2.90 in Linux

I was able to get TinyCAD to run under the latest DEVELOPMENT version (220) of wine. I didn't ry to do anything with it yet. It will not run under the latest
4 Nov

Possible bug in library

I am new to TinyCAD, so I hope this isn't a repeat. There appears to be a bug in the symbol library, specifically the symbol for the N-channel enhancement-mode
26 Oct

Install problems for classroom use

The current installer is neither a proper user install nor a proper system install, and the middle-ground where it sits makes it virtually impossible to deploy
17 Oct

: RE: : RE: [tinycad] nice job not working on windows 32 bit

No problem than as long as i use windows 10 However! If i associate .dsn files to tinycad and i use a filename with spaces in the name there is still an issue.
15 Oct

Re: : RE: [tinycad] nice job not working on windows 32 bit

Hi Bert - The installer is implemented with NSIS version 2.51, a long-time popular open source installer. I don't think that it is an installer issue. I have
Don Lucas
12 Oct

: RE: [tinycad] nice job not working on windows 32 bit

I was running a virtual machine with windows XP 32bit on a 64bit Windows 10 in Oracle VM virtualbox When i try to install the new tinyCAD it comes up with a
12 Oct

Re: Looking for 'Normal' GND symbol

There is one in my ladder diagram upload. Ron Biddle KA4RON Sent from my iPad ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
12 Oct

Re: Looking for 'Normal' GND symbol

Thanks to all who replied. Got it under comtrol. ... Rick (KW) Duley Pihana Design North Perth Western Australia .-_|\ / \ perth *_.-._/ v aussie : 0499
Pihana Design
12 Oct

: Looking for 'Normal' GND symbol

The Power Tool, which looks like the standard earth ground symbol, has what you want if you choose the Earth radio button from the options box that pops up
11 Oct

Re: Looking for 'Normal' GND symbol

Also, if you click on the ground symbol in your schematic, the tools dialog box will open and you can select 5 different ground symbols at the bottom of the
Don Lucas
11 Oct

Re: Looking for 'Normal' GND symbol

Probably not the answer you are expecting, but this would be a perfect opportunity, to learn more about the library editor. Copy the rake symbol, to a new
11 Oct

Looking for 'Normal' GND symbol

The only GND symbol I can find in my TinyCAD libraries is the one that looks like a garden rake. I am used to the one that looks like the side view of a
11 Oct

Re: nice job not working on windows 32 bit

Hi Bert - I have sent you the only documentation that I have on how to use the new VHDL features of TinyCAD via private email. I also copied the author of
Don Lucas
30 Sep
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