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  • Anna Esslemont
    Uiscedwr s 2nd Album started. Yes, the rumours are true, we started recording our second CD in July this year. We ve got the fantastically talented Joe
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 2005

      Uiscedwr’s 2nd Album started…


      Yes, the rumours are true, we started recording our second CD in July this year. We’ve got the fantastically talented Joe Broughton as our engineer and co-producer and after a week spent working with him, we know it’s going to be a cracker. It’ll include the new stuff we’ve been gigging as well as some more new and exciting tunes that you haven’t yet heard. We were due to complete the album in September but unfortunately due to Anna’s illness this has had to be put back a bit.




      Fairport’s Cropredy Convention 2005

      Uiscedwr played a massively successful gig at Cropredy enjoyed by a crowd of almost 20,000 of you fabulous folkies. We’ve had fantastic feedback from people in the audience including the legendary members of Fairport Convention who were listening in the wings while we were on stage. Thanks guys! We sold over 200 of our CD Everywhere at the festival and were really knocked out by the length of the queue for signings afterwards. There are some fab pictures on the http://robinhill.blogspot.com/  website.



      Gigs update


      Due to Anna’s sudden illness, sadly Uiscedwr has had to cancel a number of gigs but we hope to be back making music again soon – we miss it as much as you do. We’ll send a newsletter and update the website with all the gig details as soon as we know when we’ll be back on the road. Fingers crossed the proposed November tour will still go ahead.



      And Finally…  Get well sooon Anna

      Things were going so well for Uiscedwr when all of a sudden poor Anna was struck down with a rare and very serious blood disease called Aplastic Anaemia for which she is currently being treated in hospital in Leeds. As you can imagine, on the days when she’s not feeling too rough, our Anna is crawling up the walls with boredom and driving the medical staff mad asking when she can go home– she’s desperate to pick up her fiddle and get gigging again. The band are all very very sorry for the disappointment caused by their having to cancel a number of gigs but hope that all you lovely people will understand now that you know the reason. And straight from the horse’s mouth, Anna says ‘we will be back when I’m better, and we’ll be continuing to roll out our fab new tunes in advance of the next album’.



      Keep your eyes on the website for more news!


      All the best,

      Anna, Cormac and Kev


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