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134Star Wars Rumor

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  • Stephanie Fay
    Feb 26, 2003
      I stumbled across this while reading posts at carpe-jugulum's board
      and found it really interesting :)

      Michael Crawford Up for Episode III Role?
      Wed, Feb 19, 03 09:45:04 AM EST

      An article rumored to be in the Sun newspaper called "Wicked
      Whispers" is causing some fans to think about Episode III casting.
      Three young journalists mention the fact that Michael Crawford is
      being linked to a "substantial" role in the next Star Wars film. Rob
      pointed out that it says that the actor will play a politician on a
      planet called Alderaan.
      In a recent guestbook entry on his official website, a guest
      mentions that Michael Crawford and his friends have been fans of the
      films and the rumor. So is there any truth to it? We have't heard
      anything about it yet officially as expected, so we definitely
      recommend taking it with a grain of salt.

      This is from www.theforce.net

      So, anyone care to comment on the subject? If this is true, then I
      say......GO FOR IT BABY!!!!!!!!