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184703/10 Support the Catalan General Strike! No to Police Oppression 6pm

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  • Robert Allwood
    Oct 2, 2017

      Tomorrow at 18:00–19:00
      Tomorrow · 9-16°Mostly Sunny

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      Embassy of Spain, London
      39 Chesham Pl, SW1X 8SB 

      Unions in Catalonia have called a General Strike in Catalonia on October 3 in response to Police and State violent oppression and intimidation over the independence referendum and in support of the right of the people of Catalonia to decide. We are picketting the Spanish Embassy in support of the strike and in opposition to police and state violence.

      For more information see https://freedomnews.org.uk/catalonia-calls-for-solidarity-as-general-strike-looms/

      Demonstrate in Support of the General Strike in Catalonia and Against the Violence of the State.
      Tuesday 3rd October 6.00pm
      Spanish Embassy
      39 Chesham Pl, Belgravia, London SW1X 8SB
      Statement from CNT Catalonia: “As anarcho-syndicalists, we don’t think that political reforms within a capitalist framework can reflect our desire for social transformation, a change that would place production and consumption means in workers’ hands. Because of this, our daily struggles do not focus on creating new states or backing parliamentary initiatives.
      However, we can’t look the other way when regular people are being attacked and repressed by any state. A state that has, in this case, removed its mask and revealed itself as an authoritarian rule, the true heir of the Franco regime. This is something that could be glimpsed before through many instances, such as labour law reforms, bank bail-outs, cuts on health and education, mass evictions of out-of-work families…many of which were implemented by the Catalan government itself.
      CNT Catalonia and the Balearic greet this spirit of disobedience against a dictatorial state, a discriminatory and fascist state, and want to assert our strongest denunciation of repression against workers and of those who carry it out."