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HMV Japan Hi all Is it only Matt and myself that has the album at the moment? It is good, not as instant as the previous ones but is definately a grower on each listen.
May 8, 2007
Re: [we love jason falkner] Anyone Get The New Album Yet? I agree with you Matt, the spark is missing somewhere along the line. It makes you wonder what he's gonna do with those demos, Princessa etc. as they would
May 8, 2007
I'm OK, You're Ok Yeah, not his best...yet. Probably will end up being so, though. Most of his songs that didn't grab me immediately from his previous works usually ended up
May 8, 2007
Re: [we love jason falkner] Anyone Get The New Album Yet? Yes, I've got it. Bit disappointing, really. He seems to have restrained himself a bit too much, for my liking. There are more good tracks with every
Matthew George
May 1, 2007
Re: [we love jason falkner] Re: New Album! Sounds great? Does that imply it's out on p2p or something? Not sure I can wait another few weeks for my copy to arrive from Japan... ... [Non-text portions
Matthew George
Apr 24, 2007
Anyone Get The New Album Yet? If you have it, let us know what you think! I'm still waiting for mine.
Apr 24, 2007
Re: New Album! Did you all doubt me or something? It sounds great aswell! Let's hope for the full tour now! ... Japan ... read
Apr 10, 2007
Re: New Album! I'm here! Found this link... http://www.quruli.net/nmr/cgi-bin/catalog.cgi?dd=1172649815 A little easier to understand! Simon ... bring ... on
Mar 27, 2007
Re: New Album! Yes yes! it is true. It is also great to know that the album will not have any of that secret super unreleased album that contained tracks like "Princessa".
Mar 27, 2007
Re: New Album! The news is true! More info on http://www.jasonfalkner.net
A.J. Lipp
Mar 27, 2007
Re: [we love jason falkner] New Album! ... Better still, you can order it from HMV; http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/2532050
Matthew George
Mar 27, 2007
New Album! HELLO???? IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE???? This group has been dead since last May, hopefully this news will bring it alive again. It's been reported that
Mar 9, 2007
New Jellyfish release! Hi all, I just saw there is a new Jellyfish compilation being released by Virgin. Not a bad tracklisting with it's mixture of singles/album tracks plus some
May 8, 2006
is jason the " secret guest" in boston?? okay so tt's in boston is having a cd release party for the new Cars tribute album on 2/10 and it says " special guests" will be there... and jason falkner is
Feb 2, 2005
A brand-new Jellyfish article YouthQuake, a brand-new online magazine covering music, movies and books – and the people who create these works of art – has just been launched. The web
YouthQuake magazine
May 29, 2004
"Liars", Todd Rundgren released 4/06/04 Sanctuary Records "Liars", Todd Rundgren released 4/06/04 Sanctuary Records Go here for an ecard about "Liars" http://www.gigantemedia.com/toddcard/ You should try these stores
Apr 6, 2004
Re: [we love jason falkner] Bliss Descending now available online! "Take me back to dear old Blighty..." Sorry, I couldn't resist! Can't wait to hear the EP. Mine got sent last week I think. I'll have to check the PO Box.
Mar 3, 2004
I got mine too!!! The postie called this morning and dropped the EP through the letterbox. Three listens so far, top stuff!
Mar 2, 2004
Re: [we love jason falkner] Bliss Descending now available online! From: afussey ... Yep, though a summer release of the album would be fantastic. Should make those weekend trips to the beach even
m m
Mar 2, 2004
Re: [we love jason falkner] Bliss Descending now available online! Mine arrived in the UK this morning as well, a lovely crisp cold bright day, windows on the car down and new Jace, couldnt be better. Bye the way a woman I
Mar 2, 2004
Re: [we love jason falkner] Bliss Descending now available online! From: Linda Rapka ... A note to UK fans; my copy of the EP arrived in Blighty this morning. And thanks to the current exchange
m m
Mar 2, 2004
Bliss Descending now available online! Jason's new 5-song EP "Bliss Descending" is now available for purchase online through Not Lame Records for $10.50.
Linda Rapka
Feb 18, 2004
Fwd: by way of mr. gimbel ... __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Finance: Get your refund fast by filing online. http://taxes.yahoo.com/filing.html
Linda Rapka
Feb 5, 2004
Re: [we love jason falkner] jason gets covered? ahh i think it might be that one! the article is on jasonfalkner.net ... remember ... been ... year.
Feb 5, 2004
Re: [we love jason falkner] jason gets covered? From: popstar1964 ... What article? Perhaps it refers to "Good to me", which (if I remember correctly) he co-wrote with Brendan
m m
Feb 5, 2004
jason gets covered? in that new article on his site it mentions that the white stripes have covered one of his songs... anyone have details on that?? ps: the new air cd is
Feb 5, 2004
Re: [we love jason falkner] slightly OT: air tour dates Oh, it's in the US, too! I don't have a DVD player, but you can bet I'll be watching that ASAP. I can't wait to relive the memories of the Austin, TX show from
Lester Bangs Lives
Feb 2, 2004
Re: [we love jason falkner] slightly OT: air tour dates ... From: "vandian" ... It doesn't answer your question, but the bonus DVD that comes with the new Air album (perhaps it's just in the UK;
Feb 2, 2004
slightly OT: air tour dates Hiya, I just got the new Air CD Saturday. It's most excellent. Anyone know if Jason will be touring with them again this year? I'm looking forward to seeing
Feb 2, 2004
Re: [we love jason falkner] Can Anyone still...........Help? ... Wow there is boot for the show: Fly By Night (CD) Freemantle (sic), Australia - June 8, 1997 (electric/solo) That show was the night after the Perth show
Jan 11, 2004
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