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Vocabulary Cards and Surfboards

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  • willmcculloch
    Hi, I´ve recently designed some Word Surfing Vocabulary Cards - and the idea is now available at English Specialist (thanks to George)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2004
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      Hi, I´ve recently designed some "Word Surfing" Vocabulary Cards - and
      the idea is now available at "English Specialist" (thanks to George)


      The concept gives learners an opportunity to actively develop their
      vocabulary (and grammar) skills in a "game" which encourages good
      language learning habits. This "game" involves a dynamic framework
      that produces virtually random testing of graded vocabulary and
      grammar items. It challenges learners to use what they choose – and
      demonstrates their progress over time through a motivating scoring

      The rationale behind the "game" is also given at the above link - and
      any feedback on the concept would be very much appreciated.

      Many thanks

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